A note on data privacy and GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect on 25th May 2018, and learnirishdancing.com is committed to respecting your rights as a site user and customer with respect to GDPR. 


With this in mind, please note the following points about how we use your data:

  • learnirishdancing.com does not use any customer or user data for profiling or data analytics. 
  • We hold your data simply so that we can successfully deliver products to you or respond to questions that you send to us.  
  • We do not share or pass on any data about you  to any other party.  
  • We do not use your data in any marketing campaigns or send you any unsolicited communications. (We may contact you if directly necessary to verify or complete an order or to provide you with information that you asked for.) 
  • We do not use cookies for data analytics. 
  • Typically, we store name, email, address, and telephone data to fulfil orders. If you provide any information in a general query, we store that information also.
  • If you want to verify the information that we store on your behalf, or if you want us to delete this information, please contact us by email. (We won't verify or delete any such data unless we are sure that you made the request and not some other party.)  
  • We use Stripe (stripe.com) to fulfil payment transactions for any orders that you place with us. Stripe handles financial transactions for us - so we can't use or share any of your financial data. Stripe has a comprehensive GDPR policy, which you can see on their web site. 
  • Our Data Privacy policy is available on our web site.