Irish Dancing Step By Step Volume 3 - DVD


Irish Dancing Step By Step Volume 3 - DVD


Irish Dancing Step By Step DVD - Volume 3


This showcase of traditional set dancing is a must for the potential dance teacher - as 5 of these 8 Set dances are necessary for the dance teacher examinations. Hence it is the definitive reference guide for all dancers, teachers and adjudicators alike! Some of these dances have almost been lost, as the old dancing masters who handed down this beautiful tradition have since passed on. In order to get every detail perfect, Olive went out and researched these dances in great detail. On the DVD are the following dances: - King Of The Fairies - 3 Sea Captains - Jockey To The Fair - White Blanket - Job of Journeywork - Garden of Daisies - The Blackbird - St.Patricks Day. Olive's proven teaching method, combined with the dancing expertise of world-class dancers, make this a fantastic quality tuition DVD.

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DVD Chapters - 6

Chapter List

- Introduction & Dancers Profiles

- St Patrick's Day

- Blackbird

- Job of Journey Work

- Garden of Daisies

- Jockey to the Fair

- King of the Fairies

- Three Sea Captains

- The White Blanket

Technical Specifications
DVD Video / Region Free - Suitable for all regions.