Sets & Solos Volume 3 - MP3 Album


Sets & Solos Volume 3 - MP3 Album


Downloadable MP3 Album - Contains many reels, jigs, slip jigs, hornpipes, and no fewer than 12 set dances.


The Ultimate Traditional Set Dance Collection This CD compliments the instructional video "Sets & Solos Volume III". The CD continues the popular Sets & Solos series, which includes a selection of the most popular tunes in Irish dancing, which are also taught on the instructional video. Featuring: Paula McNeilis - Fiddle; Marie Clarke - Accordion; Ronan McCormack - Keyboards; Chris Kelly - Guitar; Recorded & mastered at: Area 51, Pulse Recording Studios, Dublin 2. Engineer: Shane Power. Artwork: Creative A.D. Produced by Olive Hurley. TCRG. ADCRG.

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Tracks - 12

Track List

  1. Reels, Popcorn Behaviour - Donegal Reel - Sarah's Fiddle
  2. Jigs, Cate Breton's Dream - Anonymous - Dancing Eyes
  3. Hornpipes, Galway Bay Hornpipe - Anonymous
  4. Slig Jigs, Clair's Slip-Jig - Cathal McConnell's - Pipers Jesting
  5. St. Patrick's Day
  6. Blackbird
  7. Job of Journeywork
  8. Garden of Daisies
  9. Jockey to the Fair
  10. White Blanket
  11. 3 Sea Captains
  12. King of the Fairies

Technical Specifications:
All tracks in mp3 format (HQ 192Kb avg).